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Red Telcom has successfully install and operate the first Radio communication digital recorder in East Africa. Capable of recording on a single Terabyte HDD up to 18 years of continuous voice and data, the system ensure forensic evidence in the daily operation of Airlines and for insurance and National transportation body purposes. Solidly built, with several fail safe feature for both the hardware and the data stored. Full data redundancy

Kenya Airways has chosen RED Telcom to provide the most cost effective solution to communicate with their Aircraft wherever they are around the globe. Utilizing the best Italian RF power Technology available, Red Telcom has designed the most effective and budget friendly 2 Kilowatt HF transceiver fro Civil and Aviation Radio communication system. RED telcom HF TRANSMITTER IC 7K2-2K Kenya Airways, can, without fail, be in touch with its fleet,

We can help show you how to start your own FM or LPFM Radio Station. Progressive Concepts has been providing our customers with very high quality FM Radio Broadcast Equipment products and services for over 23 years! We have the resources to help assist you in applying for your FCC license and obtaining your FCC license. Once you receive your construction permit or license we can then help you build