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Leveraging the advantages of European acclaimed HF product line and engineering capabilities, Red Telcom is able to provide a host of systems engineering services for customers requiring Tailored Communications Solutions. Our team has the requisite technical knowledge to design and modify any standard Aviation communications products to meet unique specifications, as well as the necessary expertise for sophisticated requirements linking HF with other means of communication – from landlines to Microwave. These configurations may include an array of accessories and interfaces from security to data, facsimile, or other operational enhancements, and they may encompass fixed station, rapidly deployable hardware, or a combination of several configurations.

In this capacity, Red Telcom provides complete systems engineering, integration, testing, and documentation services, which capitalize on our expertise in analyzing and incorporating multiple subsystems, interface protocols, network configurations, and database management tools. We help identify solutions that provide scalability and work to implement technologies within the framework of existing environments.

With more than two decades of experience in customized strategic communications solutions, Red Telcom offers an impressive knowledge base and expertise required to solve the complex issues surrounding systems integration.

We provide tactical HF Aviation integrated communication  system from 125 Watts to 20 Kilo Watts.

Our solutions can be both portable and fixed stations and includes ICAO Selcal Encoding and Record > Store > Forward software for all communications received/sent as required by ICAO/FAA.

Our system are highly rugged to withstand harsh environment, from the Arctic to the desert climate , ensuring 24/7 communication capability.

We aim at Airlines, Listening centers, Airports, disaster preparedness authorities.

Note: We cannot engage in engineering, procurement, supply, installation of our system for those entities or governments included in the Sanctions Embargo List of EU/USA.



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